HP 3D-printerid

HP 3D-printerid

HP Multi Jet Fusioni (MJF) tehnoloogia on osade omaduste tagamise ja printimiskiiruse saavutamise poolest murranguline. Tänu MJF-i lahendustele on sinu käsutuses rikkalikud võimalused alates prototüüpimisest kuni lõppkasutuseks ettenähtud osade täieliku tootmiseni.

Control part properties and print with unparalleled speed

HP 3D printers are not only transforming how we make things, but it’s also revolutionizing the way we design them.

Voxels: Powering precision in 3D Printing
The voxel, or three-dimensional pixel, is at the heart of the technology.
It allows designers to break objects down to the smallest nuances of shape, colour and function and apply them with microscopic precision.

And that’s a good thing for anyone that wants to use 3D printing for the manufacturing of end-use parts, as well as high-quality prototypes.

Speed and Quality
HP’s Multi Jet Fusion is an industrial 3D printing process that produces functional nylon prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as one day.
Final parts exhibit quality surface finishes, fine feature resolution, and ‬more consistent mechanical properties when compared to processes like selective laser sintering.


Industrial-grade materials
and growing

5058 cm3

Print build speed per hour
for MJF 5200


Surplus powder reusability
for new print


Number of parts you can
print per week

Why HP’s 3D printing technology is a game-changer in manufacturing

HP’s voxel-based 3D printing technology, prominently used in the company’s 5200 and 5400 series printers, is revolutionizing manufacturing and design.

  • Voxel 3D Printing: HP’s technology uses 25-micron building blocks (voxels) for intricate object detailing.
  • Production Process: The printers lay a thin material sheet, apply chemical agents with a 30,000-nozzle printhead, and use infrared heat for final object shaping.
  • Speed and Uniqueness: HP’s printhead produces 340 million voxels per second, making production 10x faster. Every 3D printed part can have a unique geometry.

Read more about this game-changing technology here

HP printer portfolio

Below you see the 5200 series

HP MJF 5200

Unleash new growth and scale your production
with HP’s workhorse

HP MJF 5210

Unleash new growth and scale your production
with HP’s workhorse

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