DEMI 4000

DEMI 4000

Scalable post-printing solution when you run high-volume stereolithography production.

Unparalleled productivity in automated postprocessing of SLA parts

The DEMI 4000 Series is the world’s only automated technology developed for production SLA resin removal.  The 4000 Series works in concert with PostProcess’s suite of long-lasting detergents. This means you can use it for applications from standard resins to ceramic-filled resins to high-temp resins. 

With a processing tank measuring 890mm x 890mm x 635 mm, you can seamlessly process large part sizes or large builds with many smaller-sized parts, improving cycle times and increasing throughput. The utilization of a powered lift system eliminates the need for multiple machines, allowing ergonomic, operator-friendly same-height loading of multiple build trays.

Get consistently high quality parts in the shortest amount of time

Powered by a proprietary software platform, AUTOMAT3D, the DEMI 4000 Series utilizes the patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology. This ensures consistency and optimizes the rate of resin removal in your SLA printed parts.

Watch the video to learn more about how resin removal works with the DEMI Series.

Why choose PostProcess Technologies?

  • Eliminate messy and time-consuming postprocessing
  • Increase part quality and lead times on printed parts
  • Put your resources to good use in other parts of your 3D print operations
  • Make your postprocessing workflow more sustainable with formulated chemicals with minimal environmental impact


  • Compatible technologies: SLA, DLP, CLIP
  • Envelope: 890 cm x 890 cm x 635 mm
  • Footprint: 2262 x 1266 x 2228 mm
  • Capacity: 984 litres

After having tried the PostProcess solution, it’s hard to imagine ever going back to using IPA.

The benefit here you can see is improving from 30 minutes per part down to all 10 parts in less than 5 minutes.

Lukass Legzdins R&D Director Splitvision

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