Collaborating and integrating product data

Get your design data under control and improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development. Võta meiega ühendust

Reusing product data

  • Increasing Value from Product Legacy Assets
  • Start new projects faster by easier access to existing data
  • Reduce design decision risks by better leveraging previous work
  • Historical overview of your product data

Sharing product data

  • Rapidly expand your collaboration environment
  • Provide zero-cost platform to communicate interactive product data to non-engineering stakeholders
  • Improve processes and communication
  • Achieve one “Single Source of Truth”
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming managing of legacy data throughout the Supply Chain
  • Enable distributed collaboration

Data automation and system integration

  • Easy access to product Information
  • All product enterprise data in a single environment
  • Enable information sharing with existing systems and departments
  • Exchange of Product structures and information

BOM management

  • Enable information sharing with all departments
  • Centralized management of BOMs
  • Automated BOM creation

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