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Parallel product development

  • Faster to market by efficient resource management
  • Fast reaction to design changes, early in the development process
  • Traceable processes throughout the development lifecycle
  • Streamlined testing based design selection
  • Increased flexibility by improved collaboration across all company functions
  • Interact, share and serve product manufacturing information within the organization early

Interactive product development

  • Enable cloud based, cross-department collaboration of stakeholders anywhere in the enterprise
  • Bring information from diverse sources into one customizable webpage
  • Simplified, powerful management of data and content
  • Conceptual design in the cloud - Transforming new ideas into workable concepts
  • Reduce rework – Combining expertise together early in the process

Conceptual Design

  • Gather stakeholder feedback
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Quickly investigate alternative solutions
  • Produce parts and concept models to make early decisions
  • Early collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Visualize concept models and motions to make correct design decisions early

Product engineering

  • Robust production-proven 3D CAD
  • Fast creation of high-end production material
  • Collaborative working environment between all engineering disciplines
  • Leverage legacy data and enable quick reuse

Product simulation and validation

  • Understand real-world behaviors, design for durability
  • Early selection of best design alternatives
  • Reduce number of prototypes and physical testing
  • Understand the products manufacturability and estimate the cost for manufacturing
  • Incorporate sustainability into your product design


  • Ability to produce parts and concept models to make early decisions
  • Shortened design cycles, complexity comes for free
  • More ideas…more breakthroughs
  • Break down existing design and manufacturing limitations
  • Create functional prototypes with the same look and feel as the finished product

Read what our customers say

SolidWorks and PDM enable us to design production-ready products very fast. Our development process is short and highly structured and the intelligent combination of 3D CAD and PDM ensures very high quality in our new designs.

Mika Särkkä, CAD Administrator

Rocla Oy
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