Click and buy 3D CAD

Click and buy 3D CAD

Design is just a few clicks away. Your journey starts with choosing between the most viable 3D CAD products, SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer or 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Premium, and 5 minutes from now, you are designing.

The right CAD solutions for you

Are you etching to bring your designs to life but don’t want to compromise on the tools? Do you want to start right now?

In just 5 minutes you can start designing

On this page, you can get access to 2 renowned 3D CAD programs, in just a few clicks:

Powerful 3D CAD solutions

Whether you’re an experienced engineer, a visionary designer, or a hobbyist with a passion for creation, you need the best foundation to bring your designs to life.

SOLIDWORKS helps bring your vision to life by connecting the powerful SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solution to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, with a premium suite of tools, or using the fully cloud-designed solution to design anything, anywhere on any device. 

  • The renowned SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD tools
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Store data in a secure, online location 


Enter a new era of 3D CAD design with SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer, your solution to total design freedom, enhanced teamwork, and seamless accessibility. 

This solution is for you who would like:

  • Fully browser-based solution, you design directly through a web browser.
  • Real-time collaboration, making it easy to share and mark up.
  • Work on any device, anywhere in the world, at any time.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer makes life easy for you:

  • No expensive or local installation is needed.
  • Store data securely in the cloud and access it anywhere.
  • Expand the tool box as your needs change.


Combine the powerful force of a desktop SOLIDWORKS solution with the cloud-based environment of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This solution is for you who would like:

  • A complete suite of 3D design tools for advanced product design engineering teams.
  • Photorealistic rendering, piping, tubing, and advanced surface-flattering capabilities to name a few.
  • Work locally and connect to the cloud to enhance your design experience.

A cloud-based connection gives you many benefits:

  • Easy collaboration with stakeholders and real-time feedback.
  • Save your data securely on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Manage, access, and share your product information anywhere, at any time.

What is included

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer compass logo



Price: € 648 / quarter (excl. taxes)
When purchasing you will be re-directed to Dassault Systèmes’ website



Price: € 1740 / quarter (excl. taxes)
When purchasing you will be re-directed to Dassault Systèmes’ website

”The 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only gives us a cloud-based collaborative work space but also a place to store and manage data accurately and securely. […] We have the transparent data management system that we need to control revisions and their potential impact on product quality.

Markku Hautamäki, CEO and co-founder of Pässilä Bicycles

Why buy CAD online?

It is simple, easy, and convenient for you. The benefits are plenty:

  • Get instant access to your product
  • Easy guide to getting started on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • A dedicated support community to help you onboard or solve technical challenges
  • Access to learning resources to get the most out of your product

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