MF Precision

Products: Markforged Mark Two

Tööstusharud: 3D printing

”Now, we only need one person for CAD, 3D printing and inspection, and the cost of an inhouse printed CMM fixture can be as little as on tenth of a traditionally manufactured fixture.

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Products: SOLIDWORKS iduettevõtetele

Tööstusharud: Tarbekaubad

“I was using SOLIDWORKS at university so it was natural for me to also use it at Baser. I contacted PLM Group to find out if there was any kind of solution where we could use SOLIDWORKS for free. They offered us an entrepreneurial license, which was perfect.”

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Products: SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Tööstusharud: Transport

”The greatest benefit from SOLIDWORKS is that we are able to test out different choices with the simulation tools before making any physical prototypes. The results of the simulation are verified with physical prototypes. After this, the results are presented for supervisors or the management, and SOLIDWORKS makes it easier to explain those results in

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