Ad-plast AB

The best 3D CAD software to handle IGES and STEP files
Easy to use
Attractive price
Increased productivity

“Not only have we been able to cut the design cycle in half, we also can design better products with SolidWorks.”


AD-Plast operates as a subcontractor to plastics manufacturers, focusing on the effective production of moulded components. Before SolidWorks, they used AutoCAD to prepare CAD drawings for production and to make minor modifications, but they needed 3D CAD software that could import 3D models from their customers.


After evaluating SolidWorks and other CAD softwares, AD-Plast found that SolidWorks was better at handling data exchanges. Additional reasons for choosing SolidWorks included ease of use and a more favourable price. Although the main reason for changing to 3D was so that they could import 3D models from their customers, the company also has been able to cut design time in half. Considering the time savings in tool making and the fact that parts fit right the first time with no reworking, the total time saved from sketch to ready product is far more than 50 percent.