CH DesKon

PhotoView 360 and 3Drawings are great communication tools
Parts fits together perfect
DXF-files from SolidWorks can be fed direct into cutting machine

”The benefits of using SolidWorks becomes very obvious when I try out various new methods of design,especially when I am working on revising older designs that contain construction errors.”


CH DesKon is a small one man company within the field of mechanical design. CH DesKon has more than 28 years of experience of mechanical design and has been sing advanced 3D CAD for design and simulations for more than 13 years.


”Because SolidWorks is a 3D application that requires greater accuracy, I found a few errors in the original design, which I could easily correct. In principle, I have made a drawing of each of the many steel plates, making the manufacture of them relatively uncomplicated,” says Christer Holmgren. The individual design files from SolidWorks
was converted to DWG format and then fed into the cutting machine. The result was finished plates that fit together perfectly.