Dantoy A/S

Easy to use
Better economy with design work in-house
Faster and cheaper to test new product design ideas

“We were testing SolidWorks for a year but continued to work with SolidWorks also after the test period.”


Dantoy a/s is a Danish company that manufactures a wide range of plastic toys and sporting equipment for both indoor and outdoor use. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Dantoy is one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers of plastic toys. Before the use of SolidWorks, the company bought 3D designs from external consultants, but when they hired a CAD-educated trainee for a year, they decided to invest in their own 3D CAD software.


After comparing SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, both the company and the trainee agreed on SolidWorks. The main reason was that SolidWorks was easier to work with. Another reason was that the existing 3D models from external consultants were also made with SolidWorks. A great benefit to having SolidWorks in-house is that the company can now test new product ideas much faster and cheaper than before.

“Through the years we have spent so much money on external consultants that we could have bought our own SolidWorks software many times over,” says Technical Manager Jens Christensen. The trainee period is a test period, but Dantoy will continue to do their product development in-house even after the trainee period is over.