Digital Mechanics AB

  • Service bureau Digital Mechanics designs casings and other components for startup Ochno using SOLIDWORKS, preparing design for 3D printing
  • Digital Mechanics 3D prints both prototypes and low volume end products in a HP Jet Fusion 4200 with superior speed and excellent product quality
  • Design expertise, time to market and product quality key factors for Ochno, who sees Digital Mechanics as key future partner


Swedish startup Ochno needs to keep track of cost and at the same time maintain production speed to commercialize their IT solutions for commercial buildings. Ochno has no prior 3D printing CAD design skills and no other production means that enable prototype iterations and low volume end products.


The Västerås based service bureau Digital Mechanics is one of the largest service bureaus in the Nordics. They have nine inhouse 3D printers spanning all the three major additive manufacturing technologies. They have MJF printers from HP, polyjet and FDM technology.

Their competitive edge is first of all that they have a fixed price list for all inhouse 3D printing. Secondly, they put high demands on quality and environmental control. Thirdly, they have inhouse engineering experts that can help customers adapting to serial production.

“The reason we invested in HP MJF is that HP has made it possible for us to deliver large quantities of parts that also look aesthetically good for the client”, says Fredrik Finnberg, CEO, Digital Mechanics.

”High speed is the best advantage that we see for this technology. Compared to our FDM machines, the HP Jet Fusion 4200 is ten times faster. The HP machine has more capacity than all our other machines combined”, says Anders Sjöberg, owner, Digital Mechanics.

Digital Mechanics recently worked with local company Ochno. It’s a Swedish startup that prepare commercial buildings with next generation technology infrastructure, such as climate control and LED lighting. One of Ochnos key components for their smart building infrastructure is a power hub, which was designed and printed by Digital Mechanics.

The service bureau were first asked to do mechanical design and used Solidworks to construct the products. They then produced all the prototypes, and are currently up and running for a short serial production.

”The reason we chose 3D printing and Digital Mechanics is the focus on speed to market and production quality of our prototypes. In less than a week, we can go from idea to final prototype. And when we show our prototypes to a customer, the quality is so good they think it’s the real product. As a startup and developing company, it is important to control your costs. This insight by Digital Mechanics is key to our relationship. They will be a key partner in our future.”, says Ochno CEO Olof Ermis.

“The response from the market has been overwhelmingly positive. We believe this technology has made a real footprint in the 3D printing market. We think it is going to make a really good impression for many years to come.”, ends Fredrik Finnberg.

Products: HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200

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