ES Equipment

Easy to alternate between different designs
Faster time-to-market
Direct answers to critical factors of the design

”We need to have a rapid process of development o new products, because we have a very short time-to-market. Customers want products delivered very quickly and the markets are changing very fast. That makes 3D CAD very useful.”


ES Equipment is designing and selling a knife made for medical purposes. When ES Equipment started to develop the knife in 2005, the company had troubles combining the design ideas with the technical requirements. Five prototypes were made before the final design of the knife was ready.


During the development work both SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation Xpress became an invaluable help in simulating various properties of the blades.”The first designs were too heavy, too expensive to manufacture and included too many parts. The knives also had a number of features that it turned out were not needed by our customers. It was a great help for us to work with 3D CAD, because we could easily alternate between different design ideas and visualize them to the customers. SolidWorks also gave us direct access to information about weight and center of gravity, which are critical factors for the design,” says Martin Bergstrand.