Häggblom Oy

Improved product quality
Offline programming phase cut in half
Integrated strength analysis
Ease of use

“SolidWorks is the best 3D CAD package I have ever used in my 25 years as a CAD user.”


Founded in 1954, Ab A. Häggblom Oy is now the leading manufacturer of undercarriages for earth-moving machinery in Finland. They also supply parts. Before acquiring SolidWorks 3D CAD, Häggblom Oy used AutoCAD for their mechanical design, but they needed 3D CAD software to design two welding robots offline. They also needed to be able to import 3D models from customers and partners.


After evaluating Inventor, Pro/E, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks, the company decided to go for SolidWorks because of the software’s ease of use, integrated simulation capabilities, and excellent reseller support. The development manager has worked with many different CAD packages over the past 25 years and he finds the current release of SolidWorks software is the best he has ever experienced, especially when it comes to simulation and strength analysis. The machines that Häggblom designs have to be very strong to withstand the heavy weight of machines mounted on top of the undercarriages. SolidWorks helps them choose the right material and dimensions every time. They have noticed a decrease in editing time with SolidWorks, and a huge increase in product quality. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM helps the company keep track of 3D models and is also compatible with their existing MatFox production system. Since SolidWorks is compatible with the robot programming software IGRIP via the VRML-file format, the company has managed to cut welding robot programming time in half, from two weeks to one.