Jolife AB

Excellent surface modelling capabilities
Integrated simulation helps keep product weight down without weakening the design
Assembly-level simulations improve design process

“SolidWorks is easy to work with and gives very accurate results.”


Jolife develops, manufactures and markets the LUCAS™ Chest Compression System together with complementary technologies. Ambulance staff uses the device as well as emergency wards at hospitals in 20 countries. Before switching to SolidWorks the company used an external consultant for mechanical design, but they wanted to create design work in-house. The consultant was using Autodesk Inventor at the time.


After evaluating Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks software, the company chose SolidWorks for its 3D mechanical design. They found SolidWorks to be much better for surface modelling. SolidWorks could also perform simulations at the assembly level. The mechanical designer at Jolife also had a positive experience with SolidWorks at a previous job, which brought productivity faster. The weight of the product is a very critical factor because LUCAS often has to be carried by the ambulance staff. In the new version of LUCAS, the company has found the totally integrated simulation possibilities very useful reducing weight by optimizing material without jeopardizing the strength. They also have validated the strength analyses by testing the products in five-year simulations that is the expected lifetime of the product.