Jomet Oy

Up to 60% shorter design cycles
Compatible with existing ERP system
Improved product quality because parts fit together better

“The time we save in the design process is spent on testing different design alternatives, and as a result we make better products.”


Jomet designs, builds, and installs cost-efficient and flexible automatic packing and palletizing systems. Before they used AutoCAD for mechanical design, but as they saw 3D CAD improving, they wanted to switch to 3D to shorten design cycles, improve product quality, and gain a competitive edge. They also wanted a 3D CAD system that could communicate with the company’s existing ERP system.


After comparing Autodesk Inventor, Pro/E, and SolidWorks, all the designers agreed about one thing: design modifications are more complicated with these packages than with SolidWorks. When different parts in an assembly are in conflict with each other, SolidWorks goes back to the spot where the conflict is and highlights the problem. SolidWorks gives the designer the information for analysing the problem and helps to decide how, and in which order the problem can be solved. SolidWorks is the best 3D CAD software for complex machinery design and very fast and accurate at editing, especially when large assemblies contain movable structures in different subassembly levels. Now the engineers can spend more time thinking about design than drawing. As a result Jomet designs better, higher-quality, more complex, and more elaborate products.