Kesla Oyj

Improved efficiency
Easy learning curve
3D model and documentation are ready simultaneously
Parts fit together better
SolidWorks is widely used in Finnish schools, making it easier to find engineers

“The total development process from design to ready product is much faster now thanks to SolidWorks® CAD software.”


Kesla Oyj designs, manufactures and markets forest machines and access platforms. A big problem with their former CAD system was that the design had to be made in 2D while the documentation of for example spare parts and operation manuals was made in 3D. Also the future development of the software was to be concentrated on factory engineering and not on machine design as Kesla needed. The company therefore decided to change CAD systems, and they choose SolidWorks® CAD software after having compared it to Pro/E.


The main reason for choosing SolidWorks® CAD software was that it was so much easier to learn, and also contained all the properties and functionality Kesla needed. The design process is much faster now with SolidWorks® CAD software. Once the drawings are ready, so is the documentation, and that saves a lot of time. Another benefit with SolidWorks® CAD software is that the parts fit together much better now, which also saves time in the manufacturing phase. Kesla also uses SolidWorks® Simulation for analysis.