Lappset Group Oy

Up to 50% time savings
Virtual prototypes available almost instantly
Reduced production costs by eliminating excess material

“With SolidWorks Simulation we can analyze several different models at once and see which design is best. We then build a prototype based on those findings.”


Lappset is one of Europe’s leading playground and sports equipment manufacturers. They develop inspiring environments for play and games. Lappset playground equipment is modular in design, which makes it easy to build new styles of apparatus and also gives the customer a wide variety of options. Designs have to take into account not only the functionality of the product, but also its safety and user-friendliness. The final result must be innovative and safe in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 quality standard.


Seven engineers and three designers work in the design department at Lappset. The team changed its CAD system from Autodesk Mechanical Desktop to SolidWorks® CAD software, which includes SolidWorks® SimulationXpress, a free version of its design analysis system SolidWorks® Simulation. SolidWorks® SimulationXpress combines CAD and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities enabling the team at Lappset to perform stress analyses much earlier on in the development cycle. Lappset can now make fewer prototypes because it is using SolidWorks® SimulationXpress to test all the models virtually. The time and cost savings have been significant. “In the past, we had to wait as long as a month for a physical prototype,” Juntilla explained. “Using SolidWorks® SimulationXpress, the virtual prototype is available on the computer screen almost instantly. Before SolidWorks® CAD software, we typically made three prototypes per model, but now just one is enough because we already know what will and won’t work having tested everything in SolidWorks® Simulation.” Junttila says.