Low Vision International AB

6-8 weeks time savings in development process
By using SolidWorks Simulation, physical prototypes have reduced from two-three to one
Photorealistic renderings of the product for the brochures during the design phase
User-friendly system

”We have saved six to eight weeks in the development process because we have reduced the need for physical prototypes from typically two to three down to one using SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation.”


Low Vision International AB with subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland today is among the world’s leading producers of products to help visually impaired people. LVI has developed a new video magnifier for visually handicapped people. The product includes features such as HD video, touch screen and text-to-speech conversion.


Two years ago LVI replaced its existing 3D CAD system with SolidWorks. They chose to change CAD systems because SolidWorks has more built-in features of the kind they like to work with. It is also a very user-friendly system. LVI uses the CAD-system to design for instance plastic, sheet metal parts, lighting systems and optics but also to do a lot of simulations and collision testing.