Meiren Engineering OÜ

  • Ability to meet the hard road conditions in Scandinavia
  • Increased quality
  • Time savings in development work

“We are an innovation company and SolidWorks plays a decisive role in our development efforts. The 3D CAD system combined with FEM-analysis and motion simulation in SolidWorks Simulation is crucial in both design and engineering of our products.”


Meiren Snow produces snowplows, but also develops equipment for road maintenance and as well as performing development projects for other companies. They needed 3D CAD to design tough and high quality equipment for the hard road conditions in Scandinavia.


SOLIDWORKS plays a key role in the development of the company’s innovative solutions and is part of the reason that it in only a few years, Meiren Snow has managed to become an important and rapidly growing player in the Scandinavian market for snowplows. SOLIDWORKS Simulation plays a key role in product development. This applies to both calculations of strength via FEM analysis and simulation of mechanisms and movements.

FEM analysis help to optimize the design of the individual parts of snowplows and gives an early overview in the development process of engineering properties, for example stiffness and the overall strength of the plows.