Profile Vehicles Oy

Mould tool design time has been slashed from 500 to 150 hours
Design and manufacturing of a new model has been cut from 2 years to 1.5 years
Quality errors are down by over a 50%

“SolidWorks has shortened our time-to-market and improved our product quality.”


Profile Vehicles develops and manufactures bodies for specialty vehicles like ambulances on chassis from car manufacturers including Volkswagen and Mercedes. Today, thousands of Profile products are used in highly demanding rescue, security, and transportation activities every day, all over the world. The company needed to transition to 3D to make the design process more efficient.


Profile Vehicles chose SolidWorks CAD software because of past positive experience with the software. They have noticed a number of benefits with SolidWorks that have made the design and manufacturing process much more productive and profitable. Instead of waiting for the physical chassis they now import CATIA® files and can start developing the body for a new model six months earlier than before. This difference alone cuts development time for new models by 25 percent.

Moulding tool design time has also been cut from 500 hours to 150, because tool design and NC preparation can now be done directly from the 3D model of the product. At the same time, product quality has been dramatically better.

Before they began using SolidWorks CAD software, the quality control system found approximately 12 errors in a design, a figure that now is down to five thanks to more accurate designs.

With SolidWorks CAD software, the company can make more complex designs as well. A ceiling inside a car used to consist of nine parts, but now it’s just one. All these benefits together have made the company much more productive and profitable than before.