Tylö AB

Faster, safer and coherent product development with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Full integration between 3D CAD models and technical documentation with SolidWorks Composer
Fast and secure communication and management of product data

“Since the introduction of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM as a common product data management platform across our geographic locations we work with much more agility when developing our new products and at the same time we have minimized the possibilities for making costly errors.”


Tylö AB headquartered in the Swedish town of Halmstad with 130 employees is a part of the TyloHelo Group who is the world’s largest manufacturer of sauna, steam bath and shower environments. TyloHelo Group has production in Sweden, Finland, USA and Germany.

Their challenges were to coordinate and speed up product development, to make communication across borders more effective and minimize costly errors and to integrate the production of technical documentation with 3D CAD models.


The past two years the company has been using the PDM system to tie its development work in Sweden together with the development department in the sister company Helo in Finland.

According to Fredrik Larzenius the implementation of both SolidWorks and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM throughout the TyloHelo Group took place without any complications and the systems have resulted in a number of significant benefits. “It is a really smart way to tie things together and that has helped us a lot. The system acts as a common database that makes it unnecessary for our development people to exchange 3D models back and forth by email. We have very heavy files and lots of revisions applied to both locations, and using the PDM system we have gained total control of them,” explains Larzenius.

He also stresses that managing the different versions of files with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM has resulted in fewer errors in development work and made it faster, simpler and more secure: ”The system ensures that it is always the correct versions we use across our different geographic locations and today we see the PDM system as a necessity for us to be able to exchange files in a safe way ensuring it is always the current versions being used.”

Fredrik Larzenius points out that one of the big advantages using SolidWorks combined with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is the user friendliness of the software: ”We are saving lots of time, both because the systems are very easy to learn to use, and because they are not cumbersome to work with in daily life,” he says.

Recently Tylö AB has introduced SolidWorks Composer for the production of manuals and other technical documentation. The system is currently being used for the preparation of manuals in connection with a development project of a new steam bath environment:
“I see it as a huge step forward for us that SolidWorks Composer ensures the correlation between our CAD models and manuals. The direct integration between SolidWorks and SolidWorks Composer means that our technical documentation in 3D is constantly updated with the changes applied to our CAD models,” explains Fredrik Larzenius.