Vivago Oy

Overwhelmingly positive experience using SolidWorks
Very flexible and fast
Easy to understand models with renderings

”It’s been an almost overwhelmingly positive experience using SolidWorks in the development process. We have been able to test our ideas together with end users and adjust the product based on their feedback without having to spend time producing physical prototypes.”


Since the start in 1994, Vivago has built up a company with 20 employees specializing in the development of intelligent telecare products for preventive personal and institutional care. The products are alarm wrist watches that are used to remotely monitor the health of users and to automatically give an alarm, if there is a need for help from family or health care professionals.


A number of external design firms were chosen to come up with initial design proposals for the new alarm wrist watch. The proposals were all rejected because they were too technically complicated and thus not simple and easy enough for older users with lack of technical skills. Instead Vivago decided to design the product in house in collaboration with a group of nurses, who today also participates in the company’s sales efforts. Using SolidWorks, the development department together with the nurses were able to test various concepts, explains Tapio Grönros, who is a mechanical designer and is responsible for product design at Vivago.