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Welcome to the Innovation Center in Värnamo, Sweden

Innovation Center

– We are a hub of creativity and technological advancement, bridging the gap between idea and reality through the transformative power of 3D Printing.

Innnovation Center in Värnamo

Our Innovation Center is designed to immerse you in the dynamic world of 3D printing, a technology that’s revolutionizing industries and empowering businesses like never before.

The innovation center is designed for you
Whether you’re a seasoned professional in 3D technology or new to this revolutionary field, the Innovation Center in Värnamo is a resource designed for you.

We aim to educate, inspire, and foster innovation, enabling you to better understand how 3D printing can fit into your business model.

Prototype of the innovation center


Design and technology
products showcased


Workshop yearly
Topics: 3D Printing, Innovation, Digital twin


From idea to final product.
This is the place to get you idea to reality


Application experts available

Instagram feed of innovation heroes will be a the innovation center

Real life innovation heroes

The centerpiece of our Innovation Center is the real-world examples of how our customers have harnessed the potential of 3D printing.

These captivating displays will introduce you to an array of innovative products, each with a unique story of creation and impact.

These exhibits serve not only as a testament to the creative potential of 3D printing but also as an inspiration for what your business could achieve.


See how the innovation center will look

The innovation center in Värnamo, Sweden is under construction and will be opening during autumn.
See how we will showcase the endless possibilities of 3D Printing technology, from its potential to create intricate designs to its ability to make manufacturing more efficient and sustainable.

Partners we work with

We have partnered with some of the most well-known 3D printer companies to provide our customers with best in class solutions in software, 3D printing, 3D scanning and postprocessing.

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Innovation Center Karl

I am incredibly thrilled about this innovation center!
It’s so exciting to be able to showcase the endless possibilities of 3D printing in our center, where technology meets imagination.

Our Center is designed to educate, demonstrate, and inspire visitors, helping them unlock the true potential of their 3D printing journey.

Here, you will not only see, feel, and experience cutting-edge technologies for various applications but also experience the entire workflow, from beginning to end. [icon name=”quote-right” prefix=”fas”]

Karl Eriksson, Innovation Center Värnamo

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Book a tour at
the innovation center

Our guided tours are led by our dedicated Application Engineers, experts who live and breathe 3D printing.
They will take you on a journey through our showcase, sharing stories of innovation and explaining the technology and processes behind each display.

You’ll learn how businesses have leveraged 3D printing to overcome challenges, create value, and break new ground in their respective fields.

Man operating a Markforged X Series 3D printer innovation center
HP printer at innovation center

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