”We need to have a rapid process of development o new products, because we have a very short time-to-market. Customers want products delivered very quickly and the markets are changing very fast. That makes 3D CAD very useful.”

”We have saved six to eight weeks in the development process because we have reduced the need for physical prototypes from typically two to three down to one using SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation.”

“With great possibilities to visualise and analyse in the development phase, it is a great tool to explain a product idea, even for those that doesn’t have any experience with design and product development.”

“SolidWorks is easy to work with and gives very accurate results.”

“SolidWorks has speed up our development process significantly. Previously we produced many iterations of prototypes of our products for example to ensure that the parts were not colliding with each other. With 3D modelling we have reduced the number of prototypes because the CAD system automatically checks for collisions.”