”It has become a lot easier for us to acquire new customers. By using SolidWorks we easily create contacts with companies that have development projects, because we can make virtual prototypes and visualize what a solution might look like in a matter of hours. In this context SolidWorks is a very powerful tool.”

“Not only have we been able to cut the design cycle in half, we also can design better products with SolidWorks.”

“We annually save one man-year by using the solution for the automatic generation of our aftermarket documentation and we bring more value to our customers. They receive flawless documentation, custom made for their unique machines in exactly the format they want, whether it is paper-based, on CD-ROM, online via our company web or any combination

“SolidWorks combined with MoldWorks, EletrodeWorks and SplitWorks has made our designwork much faster, easier and safer. During the design process we have to follow a series of mandatory steps, which means that we cannot proceed to the next step before all errors are eliminated. We cannot just skip a step, so the chances of ending