’’Suurim õppetund on meile olnud SOLIDWORKSi ja PDMi kasutuselevõtt. Oleme efektiivistanud tooteandmehaldust ja loonud uued protsessid. PDM on meid oluliselt aidanud.’’

“SOLIDWORKS on meid tootearenduses palju aidanud. Nüüd suudame tooteid kliendini toimetada palju kiiremini. Tootmise täitmisaeg on oluliselt lühem ning saame kõike teha ettevõttesiseselt.”

“Meie kliendil oli vaja tõestust selle kohta, et meie lahendus suudab funktsioneerida väga suure seismilise aktiivsusega keskkonnas. Kasutasin simulatsioone, et demonstreerida, kuidas nende toode sellises keskkonnas reageeriks. Klient soovis näha kõiki simulatsioonide tulemuste andmeid. Mõne minutiga olid meil olemas korrektsed andmed, mille abil saime klienti veenda, et meie lahendus vastas täielikult nende nõudmistele.”

“Simulation brings us much closer to the physical world during the design process. When we compare our solutions to actual physical results, we can see that we have been very accurate in our predictions. This means that we dare to issue promises around new solutions to our customers earlier in the development process.”

“The most important benefit for us is that you can save time by working simultaneously with design anddocumentation.”

“We used the 3D model to analyze the working table function, ergonomics and safety. For safety reasons, the table structure is designed to be able to withstand high loads. SolidWorks has also made it easy to produce operational and safety instructions and diagrams as well as maintenance and spare parts booklets.”

“The total development process from design to ready product is much faster now thanks to SolidWorks® CAD software.”

“We are an innovation company and SolidWorks plays a decisive role in our development efforts. The 3D CAD system combined with FEM-analysis and motion simulation in SolidWorks Simulation is crucial in both design and engineering of our products.”