Materialise Streamics

Manage, Streamline and Connect Your AM Activities

Materialise Streamics

Get the most out of your 3D printers

Today’s additive manufacturing (AM) challenges are about increasing productivity and connectivity. There’s no better way to do this than with one software package that manages, streamlines and connects AM technologies and digital systems, for both service bureaus and serial manufacturers in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical and many more.

Streamics AM management system was designed to get the most out of your 3D printers, whether it’s for prototyping, small series production or to integrate AM in your traditional manufacturing operations.

Watch the video to learn how the company Luxexcel is using Streamics.

Why choose Streamics?

  1. Centralize Management of Your Day-to-Day AM Operations
  2. Analyze and Improve Your Productivity
  3. Connect AM within Your Business
  4. Scale up Your AM Operations with Confidence

The benefits of using Streamics

  1. Control your digital end-to-end workflow, from part submission to part building and finishing
  2. Trace your AM data from the first to last step
  3. Manage your request backlog and workflows securely



Streamics for flexible production

Processing many incoming orders for different applications, with variable formats, materials and technologies to set-up mass customization production and shipping many parts out. Streamics enables AM service providers to manage and streamline their AM production.

Streamics for series production

Consistency in quality, traceability and repeatability of AM parts, Streamics enables you to set-up an AM manufacturing production for series production and end part manufacturing that fit with your industry’s standards.

HP Build Processor

The HP Build Processor is a user-friendly software which simplifies the 3D printing process. It can be integrated with Streamics, and combines high performant slicing algorithms with a perfect integration from data preparation, through design and build setup, to part building on the HP multi jet fusion printer. In addition, the HP Build Processor enables feedback from the machine control system, supporting build tracing and build data storage, thus meeting the requirements of manufacturing environments.

The HP Build Processor enables a seamless integration between software and printer. This results in a simplified workflow for the user with the possibility to assign the available machine-specific build styles to the platform, as well as slicing and exporting the data to the HP machine all in a single software package.


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